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Fast, Easy to Use, Affordable Project Management Software
Taskboard handles planning with ease so you can focus on what matters
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Develop a plan
Create and manage Tasks on your customizable Kanban board. Use custom agile workspaces to manage Tasks.
Easily manage Tasks
Edit tasks using a rich text editor, add detailed comments, and track history.
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Track your progress
Create customizable dashboards for each user to view exactly what they need
Release your hard work
See a birds-eye view using the Roadmap tool and keep business leaders informed of development progress
Upfront Straightforward pricing
From $4 per user, Taskboard is up to 50% cheaper than some of the other big name corporations with similar features

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What our users are saying
"Taskboard helps us stay focused and keep track of what we're working on."
Christopher F.
Owner, MLC Software
Open API integration available
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